Why use Tryad L.L.C.?

Is my advertising successful?

Is advertising part of my skillset?

Am I getting the most bang for my buck when I purchase advertising?

Could my ads be more effective?

Is a comprehensive knowledge of advertising a major element of your background?

Please note which job description best fits you.


Inventor, Scientist, Engineer, Designer or Mechanic

Your knowledge base includes analytical observations of practical applications. Your experience, education and on the job training have developed you into a person who understands "why" and "how". The knowledge and use of the subtleties of your craft set you apart from amateurs. Typically you have 10,000 to 20,000+ hours of experience.

Owner, General Manager or Entrepeneur

You know how to get people with individual skill sets to work for a common goal. You set policy for your company. Your on the job training plus possible university education have placed you in a group of less than 5% of the working population.  


You understand that accounting is the foundation for all businesses. Usually you can do math "in your head". When you do use a calculator, you have the answer before most people can enter in the first number. You deeply understand money, cash flow and being in "the black". Purchases for your company must affect the bottom line in a positive fashion. It is likely that you are degreed or certified and or licensed.


You understand getting to "yes". You make money. Your special skills and experience usually make you the highest paid profession in the organization. You understand that nothing matters unless it's sold.


Tryad L.L.C. uses 4 tested and proven advertising formulas used by Fortune 500 organizations. These accepted processes are a step-by-step set of operations that help to limit financial loss and protect your organization. Our unique expertise includes extensive research knowledge, 25,000+ hours of focused experience, specialized on the job training, university level education, objectivity via analysis, complex editing skills, creativity and discounts from the media. We understand that omission or addition of critical information (text or images) and the focus of impertinent information in advertising pieces will dictate success or failure.