People have taken time to share

their thoughts about our work.

Please read these thoughts.

  • Blaine V.


    Tryad L.L.C. produced a radio commercial and properly purchased radio time for our Florida company that was working in Colorado Springs, CO. We received 6 calls on the first day. Calls mean money in my business.

  • Mark K. , Redi Controls

    President - Owner

    Previous to using Tryad L.L.C., we produced all of our advertising and marketing in house. But, deep down I knew that we needed a change. We took the leap of faith.  Our web site is now "professional looking" and our magazine ad is excellent.

  • Frank M.


    We made our own web site, but I knew that it needed some help. We contacted John Trybulec of Tryad L.L.C. He directed our graphic artist, wrote new headlines and new text. I've checked. People visit our web site for much longer periods of time. Sales have increased.

  • Max S.


    I needed a special marketing piece to give me a step up on the competition. Now when I give quotes (estimates) I get more clients. My marketing  piece works!

  • Todd K.

    Owner, Auto Air and Audio

    I'm thrilled that we chose Tryad L.L.C.  Our new web site is very interesting, visually strong and really tells our story. It is easy to use. We will launch our new site in March.

  • Al Droste

    Manager at Paint Bull

    John did a great job putting our web site together. I was very impressed with how he learned about our company before he started.

  • Dale Mathison

    Partner, Rock Valley Antique Auto

    You did a great job on our ad. We are still using it after 5 years. It is great thing to work with you and your company.

  • Craig Brown

    Owner, Brown's Car Sales

    We have used TV to advertise our company many times - with little to no response. Now with Tryad L.L.C., our ads get a good response. The ad is memorable. 


  • Jay Vollmer

    Marketing Director, PowerBlock

    I use John Trybulec of Tryad L.L.C. as an advertising consultant for our advertising program. If John doesn't appprove it, it doesn't go to print.

  • Dolores Lane

    Owner, Antique Auto Battery

    John and his team at Tryad L.L.C. upgraded our web site to the next level. We are getting more hits than ever.

  • John Latousek

    Owner, Hy-per Lube

     Tryad L.L.C. has produced many excellent magazine ads for Hy-per Lube and our various products. They've also produced a TV commercial that

    helped sell our products on a national level.

  • Bruce Reich

    President, URI Compressors

    We had a boring and odd video. Tryad L.L.C. reproduced it into an interesting video. They also designed a wonderful post card.

  • Todd Nichols

    President / Your Clean Future

    I have been more than pleased with the new magazine ad and the help on the web site. The outcome on both projects was excellent.

  • Andrea David

    Marketing Professional / Hobbie Farms Magazine

    The new issue is out. Tryad L.L.C. has recieved 2 times the amount of leads compared to the prevous ad. Congratulations.

  • Patrick Brown

    President, Triples Rule

    John Trybulec and Tryad L.L.C. listened to my ideas and then used their artistic and ad agency skills to produce content that is eye catching and appealing. The creativity that went into the magazine ad is obvoius. The web site is exciting. I highly recommend the Florida advertising agency.

  • Jessica Latta

    Partner, Undercover Innovations

    I would not hestitate to recommend your company to any company needing ad agency services.

  • Tom Breck

    Manager, YMCA

    With your idea, we raised of $20,000 in one day. In years past, this event would have been successful if the event netted $3,000.

  • Albert Miranda

    Finance Manager, J.J. Best Banc

    The response to the TV ad has been very good.

  • Tor McPartland

    President, Orange Guard

    John is not only a creative genius, but a great negotiator. I strongly recommend Tryad L.L.C. 

  • Jamie Sikorski

    President, Cadex - Canada

    We have had many calls as a reult of the ads you created. It is nice to see someone who is comitted to our success.