Frequently Asked Questions

Hire a Florida ad agency? Why would my company want to hire Tryad L.L.C. ?

Advertising that produces better responce and lower media fees are good reasons to use Tryad L.L.C. We use proven advertising formulas combined with our real world experience to design your ad. Our ad agency is proud of our testimonial letters. Please refer to testimonials on this web site.

I've purchased media in the past. Why would I want to use a Florida ad agency like Tryad L.L.C. to purchase media for my company? 

As an experienced ad agency, we are advertising industry 'insiders'. We negotiate on your behalf using information used only by advertising professionals. Media outlets pay our commissionable fees. 

What is the fee structure for Tryad L.L.C.?

Tryad L.L.C. works on a per project basis using client agreed peramiters.

Does Tryad L.L.C. ever work as a consultant or trainer?


How does Tryad L.L.C. know what to feature in my ad?

We perform a Client Needs Analysis. After we are hired, we ask you in depth questions to find out more about what you sell, your company, your clients and your prospects.

What about editing? 

Clients always have editing privledges before final release of any ad. At our ad agency, the client always authorizes the acceptance or use of every ad.