Press/News Release

Does your company have information that the public neeeds to know?

A press/news release is a great way of getting your message out to the public.

Newspapers, magazines, news web sites, radio and TV stations "pick up" or use carefully crafted, well written press releases.

Many times the press/news release is linked to a news organization's web site. 

Sometimes  "your story" is followed through with a phone call or an in person reporter - using a press release as a starting point. 

What is your organization doing that is special or unique? 

Releasing a new product? Are you offering a new and improved way of doing something?

Is your company donating items or financially aiding a worthy cause?

A press/news release allows you to tell America your special story.

Does "writer's block" or time restraints have you not writing that press/news release?

Tryad L.L.C. can write your press release. 

Through our special Client Needs Analysis, your thoughts will become your press/news release.

Approximetly 100,000 journalists will recieve your press release.

On average, about 100 news organization will post your press/news release on their web site. 

Please call us for details.