We Are Not

We are not involved in growing nursery stock.

We don't make infrared furnaces.

We don't make portable air conditioners.
We are not involved in producing insect repellents.
We don't make oil additives or storm windows.

We don't make intestinal parasite medicine for farm animals.
We don't make computer programs that scan payroll checks for costly errors.

We don't harvest fish bait.

We don't make human powered electricity generators.
We are not private investigators.

We don't make radiator additives.
We don't make tools for the construction trade.

We don't make boat anchors or nail guns.
We don't produce Native American food or gasoline tanks for automobiles.
We don't make energy absorbing hitches. 
We don't make wheels for cattle hauling trailers.

We don't make ammo.
We don't make parts for 1903 - 1928 American cars.

We make high impact advertising for these organizations.

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